what if you fell in love with your guardian angel?

 Angel Child is the fourth in the Angels Cry Too series of books by Mark Garrett and tells the story of the unique and continuing relationship between a mortal and his Guardian Angel.
Five years have passed since Paul Sayers returned from the realm of lost souls, Casserhan, with the pregnant Rebecca. Paul has raised their daughter, Ruth, on a narrowboat to avoid contact with people and remain hidden from Storn's followers. Ruth is exceptionally gifted, a product of her parent's unique roots.

As Ruth's time to enter the Guardian realm with her mother rapidly approaches, Ellerstelle, still seeking the downfall of the Guardians, discovers her whereabouts. In her guise as Storn, Ellerstelle seizes Ruth and takes her to the fortress-like complex guarded by her followers on Salisbury Plain.

With the help of the police, Paul must battle to gain entry to the 'Farm' and release Ruth before Ellerstelle uses her against the Guardians. As events unfold, Ruth visits Glass Mountain and learns the truth of the Talid Myth from the enigmatic Bortan.