what if you fell in love with your guardian angel?

  Paul Sayers' ordinary life has been turned upside down since his life was saved by his guardian angel, Rebecca. They embark on a unique relationship but it's not plain sailing. The evil Storn still seeks the downfall of the Guardian realm, and his followers are only too willing to do all they can to bring his ambitions to fruition. As they provide victims to be ritually sacrificed to feed Storn's need to exist in the world of mortals, they also plan to ensnare Paul and in turn take Rebecca too.

  As Paul discovers more about his previous life on the North Norfolk coast, he is framed for the rape and murder of his secretary. Once arrested, Paul has to face both the police investigation and Storn's followers without any allies.

  With Rebecca's help, Paul eventually escapes from Police custody. He travels to the Lake District and again teams up with Rebecca to make a one man assault on Storn's heavily guarded facility in a remote Lakeland valley, to rescue the boy held there who's destined to be Storn's next sacrifice.