what if you fell in love with your guardian angel?

(Mark with one of his 'everyday' cars, a stretched Daimler Limousine)

Mark Garrett was born in the Fens of Huntingdonshire and has lived his entire life in the village of Yaxley, where he works for a funeral carriage master providing hearses and limousines for the funeral trade. He is married to Alison and apart from writing for pleasure, Mark enjoys hill walking, growing vegetables and tinkering with his 1951 Morris Oxford. He has owned the Oxford for over 30 years and at one time owned a Wolseley 6/80, as driven by the character Paul Sayers in the books. Mark first started writing the Angels Cry Too series over twenty years ago and has found continuing the adventures of Paul and Rebecca rewarding. Mark is proud to be a self-published author and realised from the very beginning that mainstream publishers would not take on an unknown with such a unique view on fantasy. The learning curve has been steep at times, but Mark feels he has found his style through hard work. He says; 'It would be nice to turn back the clock and rewrite Angels Cry Too and Golden Dawn because I've learned so much. But, I'm not Paul Sayers and can't live the timeline again. I cannot say that I'm unhappy with what I've done and I still think I've written some great stories. Along the way I've entertained a few people and sold almost a 1000 books, so it can't be that bad.'

Mark is still writing adventures for Paul and Rebecca and 2014 sees the latest instalment, Return to Genesis, published, after Angel Child was published in 2012. The next book in the series is already in the pipeline and Mark intends a twelve book series that will encapsulate the entire Angels Cry Too universe and give further insights into the many characters, good and bad.